Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Love and Relationships

Nothing is greater than Love. Love after all things matters the most but lets be real for a moment, in this life relationships is the area that most people complain or regret about. The reason  is because they love with the human kind of love. The human love runs out, there are times that we don't feel like loving. God has given us power to love with the supernatural kind of love, loving when we don't feel like it, loving others when they are unlovable.
This week I want to share a few insights I have learned about relationships.

1. Every relationship is faced with the issue of misunderstanding... Just when you think you are doing okay, misunderstanding will always find a way in your relationship... and this is where most people give up and let go. When misunderstanding hits you all you see is that the relationship won't last, every person in a relationship goes through this stage, you feel like you can't take it anymore. So many times in your relationship you will be tempted to lose hope and quit.

2.To overcome misunderstandings we need to totally accept someone. Accept people as they are, understand that everyone is totally different. Romans 15:17 Says Accept on another just like Christ accepted you in order to bring praise to God. If you are selfish and always seeing things in your own perspective, the relationship will fail.

3. Love is all about action, say it and do it... To love completely means you can't wait to act tomorrow but you act now, do it now, say it now, give it now. When it comes to loving somebody you don't wait to do the right thing tomorrow, you do it now. Don't say that someday you will love them; express love now, let them know now. You can love completely, Give the poeple you love a clear picture of how you feel about them.

4. Many relationships are ruined because people wanna satisfy the flesh and their feelings, saying things they shouldn't say, doing things which you shouldn't do. It's not worth to damage a relationship just because your feelings and flesh are telling you different things. You just don't speak anything that you feel like saying, you will blow it up and end regretting.

5.No matter how mature we get, no matter who you are in a relationship with; we will never get to the point where we don't feel like giving up, having negative emotions, its part of the journey, learn how to deal with it.
Our emotions and feelings will always urge us to make quick decisions that we end up regretting later on, instead relax and do the right thing. Listen to wisdom and not your feelings, wisdom listens and waits.Feelings care about what you feel right now, wisdom waits and thinks about the consequences, wisdom thinks about what will happen later on.

7. Most people say this "I just don't feel the spark I used to feel anymore"... . I don't feel the same thing I used to feel, well we all know feelings come, feelings go. Love is not a feeling, its a decision.You make a decision to love that person no matter what.

8. Sometimes we are drawn to other people and I know it  feels okay to be drawn to another person who's is not your mate but always remember it's not God who is doing the drawing. God doesn't draw us away from our mates but the devil.

9. Sometimes you think that the person next door will be good for you than your lover. You think that you won't have to put up with a lot... let me remind you the enemy always tell us that the grass is greener on the other side but don't ever forget still has to be watered and catered for.

10.  Relationships are not a walk in the park, you have to be willing to work and sacrifice a whole lot.
Never settle for loving only when the mood is right. It is your responsibility to love at all times.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

At The End Of The Day

At the end of the day you are not too successful or too good that you don't have something that God can fix.

At the end of the day sex won't get you love and win a man, a woman who wants a man takes hold of his heart.

At the end of the day you have no value without your Creator.

At the end of the day we are all sinners, Jesus saves us.

At the end of the day you become what you think.

At the end of  the day whatever you feed grows and becomes stronger.

At the end of the day cute and fly don't count but character and love.

At the end of the day without Jesus you are still empty and craving for a lot of things only leading you to more emptiness. 

At the end of the day people will call you what you answer to.

At the end of they day love matters the most.

At the end of the day we get strength and hope from Jesus.

At the end of the day God will not do your part, He is a God of covenant, do your part, He will do His.

At the end of the day worry leaves us drained and weak.

At the end of the day we will all agree with what the wisest man; Solomon said, All Is Vanity. And when we agree we go running to Jesus. 

At the end of the day you feel guilty after lying.

At the end of the day.. well sometimes you realize it's time to grow up.

At the end of the day you know what matters to you the most.

At the end of the day you need somebody who will stay by your side you no matter what you do or happens. Just like David and Jonathan.

At the end of the day you don't know everything, you need other people.

At the end of the day you can't function well without Jesus.

At the end of the day... well most of the times making the right decision doesn't feel good but you have to do it.

At the end of the day saying yes to Jesus means saying no to people.

At the end of the getting out of the comfort zone doesn't feel good at all.