Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Daily Bread

Matthew 6:11 says ‘Give us this day our daily bread’
After reading this verse over and over I got some great understanding.
This is what I got:

It means you can only live one day at a time
It means you can’t live today and tomorrow the same time, it means bringing your past into today will destroy today completely!
See what God said in Isaiah 43:19 see I am doing a new thing NOW. This means that NOW matters to God more than yesterday and tomorrow. If we want the new thing that God is doing we won’t find it in yesterday and tomorrow but now.

It means God has provided all you need to tackle today.
And notice what the Lord said in the Prayer; Give us this day our daily bread. This means that it is all about living for Him today.
It means you can’t wait to do the right tomorrow or later but now.
It means the day of forgiving those who hurt you is today not tomorrow

It means the day of showing love and kindness is now and today not tomorrow
It means God has already provided for our needs for today we only need faith and obedience to connect to the daily bread (or would you pray when you have no faith that God will help?)

It means that what happened yesterday does not count, God does not think about our yesterday (That’s why He did not say "give us our yesterday bread"!)
It means it doesn't matter what you did yesterday, His grace will give you the power to change now

It means the moment of now (or today) matters to God than your past
It means you should not worry about tomorrow; do today, tomorrow will have its own Daily Bread

It means God will never give you a better past, so why are you still dwelling on it.
It means the time for doing the right thing is now not yesterday or tomorrow.
It means the day of salvation is today and now.
It is means no more postponing, do it today.

Enjoy your daily bread God Bless You!

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