Monday, April 16, 2012

Don’t wait until you feel powerful, you can do it now.

I was sharing about Jesus with a brother the other day.  This dude said something that caught my attention. He said ‘I am not ready, I need some more time to get better so that I can make that decision’ I thought to myself, is there really a time that you are perfect and good enough to do a certain thing? There is never the perfect time. We are always constantly coming up  reasons why we shouldn't do a certain thing because we think there will  be a better time to do it.

If we are waiting for that time that we think we will be better, stronger and perfect we won’t make it and God doesn't work that way. I am reminded of what one of my favorite preachers once said, ‘If you wait till the coast is clear before you sail, you will never leave the dock’. Don’t wait until you feel powerful, Just keep going God will help you.

In Isaiah 43:19 The Bible says, See I am doing a new thing NOW. This means that NOW matters to God more than yesterday and tomorrow. If we want the new thing that God is doing we won’t find it in yesterday and tomorrow but now. Learn to enjoy the power of now. One of the big mistakes that we do is we look for that great thing to happen in future and we fail to embrace the moment of God given opportunity of now. 

If you look at your weaknesses and how your past has been then you are without a doubt taking the shallow way and slowing down your pace. Don’t wait until when you feel you are good enough,  How many excuses have you always come up with? Excuses do nothing but holding you back. 
Move ahead in your weaknesses, live life, learn and grow, enjoy the moment of now. Don't let fear and your imperfections hold you back from doing what you are supposed to be doing.