Saturday, January 5, 2013


There is so much freedom and power in simplicity... yep that's right! 
If you are unhappy, always trying to figure out yourself, unsatisfied and empty; it means you have so many complications in your life and you need to simplify. Many people have great complications: in marriage, relationships, finances etc. Most complications draw us near to Jesus who helps us to simplify our lives. It is a very complex world but Jesus is ready to help you simplify your life

Songs of Solomon 2:15 Says Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom. Note the word little... Like it is said the little things matter the most and I tell you on this day taking care of the simple things will help you in simplifying your life. The small things that we pay less attention to are the ones which complicate life and destroy our blooming vineyards. The solution to the issues found in marriage, relationships,and finances is simplicity. 
Jesus=Simplicity=Joy=A Happy Life

Simplicity means you don't pay much attention to the failure but the comeback.
Simplicity means you don't pay much attention to the burden but the blessing.
Simplicity means less fear and more faith.
Simplicity means letting go and letting God.
Simplicity means less worry and much hope.
Simplicity means spending less on you and giving much to others.
Simplicity means loving and forgiving people that hurt you so badly.
Simplicity means having faith in God and not man.
Simplicity means being able to stand for what you believe in no matter what.
Simplicity means being faithful in your relationship and marriage.
Simplicity means you don't worry about who does not like you.
Simplicity means you have accepted who you are.
Simplicity means you understand you are nothing if you are not connected to the one who created you.
Simplicity means you understand that difficulties of life are there to make you stronger and better.
Simplicity means you are not quick to judge others.
Simplicity means you are slow to speak and quick to listen.
Simplicity means you are content with what you have.
Simplicity means keeping a good attitude even when things don't go the way you wanted.
Simplicity means you don't pay much attention to the bad but good.

If you are a captive to acceptance that is complex, simplify your life and be free.
If you are still a captive to your past that is complex, simplify your life and be free.
If you are still not believing that Jesus saves that is complex, simplify your life and be free.
If you still believe there is no God that is pretty much complicated! Simplify your life and be free.
Eating unhealthy meals is complex, simplify your meals, eat healthy, and be free!
If you still not born again that is complex... You will burn in hell! Say Yes to Jesus, He simplifies life's complications.
Fault finding in others is complex (actually this is not wise at all), simplify your life and be free.
Pride, being full of yourself is a complex way of living life, simplify and be free.
Seeking attention, thinking it is all about you is complicated, simplify your life and be free.
Trying to be liked by others is complex simplify your life and be free.

Simplicity means you are relying on the finished work of Jesus and cashing in on God’s grace. Simplicity starts at the cross, when we bow down and give it all to Jesus.
Anyone that has Jesus has it all. Missing on Jesus means you are missing out life's biggest purpose and the main reason to live. 
God bless each and every one of us as we learn how to simplify our lives.