Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saying No

Have you heard of the saying that people call you what you answer to? Man it's so true!
Confrontation helps in setting your boundaries. Saying no means you can’t come far than this. Lately I have learned one way of setting my boundaries is to say no. This write was also inspired by A Joyce Meyer Ministry Sermon about setting boundaries.

We are all forced sometimes to sugarcoat the truth so that we don’t hurt others or because we are afraid they will be hurt if we tell them the truth. Don’t be afraid to confront people just because you are going to feel guilty or you think they will be hurt. Confront issues with strength and joy, if others don’t like it, then Let them be.

Your boundaries are what you have and who you are and people should respect that. When you set boundaries it’s a way of saying this is what I need in my life, this is what I have, this is me; it doesn't mean that you are rude or mean.  People have a right to have boundaries and we should understand and respect that.

We need to put fences around our lives and stop letting everybody walk all over us and then being mad at them because they do it. Your boundaries should not be a joke to others.

We are not helping anybody if we destroy our lives trying to help somebody who’s not willing to do their part.

We help people so much that they build an expectation in them that we can’t keep up with. Love is not letting people use you. Many times we as Christians think if we are not giving up our lives and sacrificing our lives for someone who is hurting and going through a lot then we do not love them. Yes we do sacrifice for people but God doesn't want to help people who are not changing and are ruining our lives and not respecting our boundaries. How many times have people taken advantage of your kindness? Many times..... I thought so! At times you don't even notice they are using you. Jesus didn't go out trying to make people let him help them; He helped those who came to HIM. 

There are many people out there who want to take advantage of you if you don’t have boundaries. Don’t feel guilty when you feel like you can’t do a lot for others.  We need to put fences around our lives and stop letting everybody walk all over us and then being mad at them because they do it. If you don’t let people know what you need and what you don't need then you can’t blame them for not giving it to you. The bible says be careful how you start relationships. It says if you pamper your servant in the beginning of a relationship then you got them expecting that same kind of pampering throughout your life.

Get out of that small box of saying yes to anyone and anything and live a bigger life. If you won't pay the price of saying no now you will pay a bigger price sooner than later. Remember you are not here to please and impress people.